Stress quote.pngAs an entrepreneur, stress can come from many sources. The following scenarios may sound familiar: you started your business on a shoestring, not knowing if you would survive the first year; you faced unexpected competition from a shop opening on the same street; you became frustrated when your marketing campaign did not bring in the flood of customers you expected; you were disappointed when you did not achieved the work/life balance you initially envisioned when you started out.


While you may have heard plenty of advice about getting extra rest, exercising and maintaining a positive outlook, you may want to try some more aggressive strategies to keep stress from derailing your business. 

The following are some additional stress-busting suggestions:


  • Face your fear. Find a way to turn a challenge into an opportunity or to stay the course while the challenge runs its course.
  • Assume the worst.  Reality will almost always turn out to be less of a big deal than what you first imagined.
  • Nurture relationships. Send an email, call or meet in person with friends and/or family members on a regular basis.
  • Go off the beaten path. Practice difficult conversations you know you have to have while hiking in the woods.
  • Relax more. Synchronize your heart and mind through meditation techniques such as “heart coherence.” Or, inhale aromatherapy scents like lavender and marjoram to promote relaxation.
  • Venture outside the box. If you are feeling a little adventurous, take an uncharacteristic risk.  Consider bungee jumping, white water rafting or singing karaoke. While doing so, completely remove yourself from your business by turning off your smartphone and truly enjoying the moment.


Even in the best of times, stress may not go away on its own.  Take comfort in the fact that there are many proactive steps you can take to manage it better.  You likely don’t want to become one of the 75 percent of people surveyed by the APA who experience severe headaches and upset stomachs from stress. How do you cope with stress? Share your thoughts with the SBOC community below.

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