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Rieva Lesonsky
Is your small business (or your dream of starting one) on the right track? Whether your business is still in the planning stages or is a well-established venture, having a long-term vision for your… (Show more)
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SBC Team
Join us TODAY at 1:00 p.m. PT / 4:00 p.m. ET for a #SmallBizCommunity Twitter chat!   Small Business Community contributor Rieva Lesonsky will host a Twitter Chat TODAY (2/20) from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.… (Show more)
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Steve Strauss
It could be said that an entrepreneurial spirit is often an inherited trait. Like many entrepreneurs, I grew up in a small business household where I watched my father’s small carpet store become a… (Show more)
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Dhani Jones
Let’s face it: being a small business owner is tough. It’s a full-time responsibility and like playing professional football, it takes commitment and discipline to succeed. During a recent visit to… (Show more)
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It is well-known fact that human resources are the primary value of any company. Staff is that factor providing the high-performance of your business on the market and contributing to increasing your… (Show more)
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Today we live in a world which is ruled by internet. You are already familiar with the fact that since its emergence it has provided humans with countless options and advantages. Everything aside,… (Show more)
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What are you forecasting for your business in 2019?  a. Better year b. The same c. Worst year
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Bank of America SB Team
Positive word-of-mouth reviews are a must for small business success. With thousands of followers and countless 5-star reviews, PSP Diesel in South Houston, Texas, understands the power of social… (Show more)
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No one can underestimate the value of building trust. It is essential for any organization to win the trust of its employees as it is crucial for the success of the company and the peace of its… (Show more)
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Moderator BethM
Hi everyone,   Here’s a great piece from Steve Strauss loaded with great advice for your Small Business:   8 Quick Social Media Content Hacks   Have a tip you’d like to add? Leave a comment below… (Show more)
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