Let’s say you hired a great team, operations are going smoothly and all your employees are thriving. You lean back in your chair, relax and say, “My job here is done.”  woman-sharing-her-presentation-with-her-colleagues-3153198.jpg

Soon your stellar team starts lagging and the quality of work no longer meets your expectations. Rather than hire new employees, which can be time-consuming and costly, you may start asking yourself “How can I motivate my team members?”


There are many ways to motivate employees that are not just focused on rewards and incentives. Here are five ways to bring the spark back and help boost performance.


1. Acknowledging good work – A simple thank you can go a long way. By showing an employee you notice the good work he/she is putting in, you inspire them to keep it up. You can also upgrade your typical ‘thank you for your hard work’ and go public by posting about your employees’ great work on your website or social media channels. With this extra step, you create a sense of appreciation and value in your employee.


2. Opportunity to grow – Knowing there are opportunities for promotion, employees are self-motivated to become more adept at their job. Take time to work with them to define a career path, and provide an overview of what their options are.


3. Encourage breaks – Create a work environment where it’s advised to take short breaks from working at a desk. Encourage going outside for fresh air or getting up to stretch and recharge. Another option is to Incorporate sit-stand desks that get employees moving while working. Texas A&M University research found employees using them are up to 46 percent more productive.


4. Provide external learning – Offering opportunities for employees to attend paid training sessions, lectures or networking events is a great way to help grow skills to further develop their career. In return, having a knowledgeable employee will benefit the business. Also, attending sessions and trainings is a great way to break up the day-to-day monotony.


5. Accept differences – Every employee is different. What works for one, might not work for another. Getting to know the people working for you is critical for having motivated employees. Acknowledging the individuality of each member on your team, and knowing that people are inspired by different things, is a vital step in effectively motivating employees.


So, take some time to grab coffee with your employees, ask them how they’re doing and find out what makes them happy. The benefits you reap from open communication far outweigh the costs of finding that extra time. 


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