Finding a new hire for your small business is challenging while finding the right hire is even more difficult.


A great team is what creates a great business. That's why asking the right questions during the interview process is critical.


Here are the top five questions to consider to find the perfect candidate for your business:



  1. Why did you choose to leave your past employer? Knowing the reasons why a candidate left a job will show if they’re well suited and can thrive in your company’s work environment.
  2. Why do you want to work here? This will show how much time and research the candidate put into preparing for the interview and whether their career aspirations align with your company. But asking this question requires you to know exactly what it is you want in an employee and what the job will entail. You can’t find the perfect employee if you haven’t clearly defined the job.
  3. Do you perform the best working in teams or alone? This question will determine how the candidate prefers to work and can be a clue as to what kind of teammate they will be. After all, someone who enjoys solitary work and long stretches of uninterrupted time at their desk may not thrive in a position that requires collaboration or multi-tasking.
  4. What are the two most satisfying accomplishments in your career? Tell me about each. According to Glassdoor, asking about an important career achievement gives you a look into their values and what has had an impact on them. Knowing the values of an employee is crucial in running a successful business. Businesses are not monolithic. They are made up of people – people who do business with other people. So, having similar values creates a smooth and productive working environment.
  5. Do you have any questions for me? Time to see if they’ve been paying attention! Someone who has been paying close attention to you and to the flow of the interview will come up with a question to further enrich the conversation.  Not to mention, a candidate who is passionate about the position and is interested in the company will certainly have a question or two.


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