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TeamBuilding_Body.jpgBy Robert Lerose.


It's one thing for employees to do their jobs competently but without deep commitment. On the other hand, if you can spur them to reach beyond themselves, support one another, and feel a shared sense of achievement that benefits everyone, then you'll know how a cohesive team of workers can ignite and transform your business.


Xero, an on-demand global company that provides cloud-based accounting software, recommends these actions for growing and nurturing creative, success-driven teams.


1. Define your vision for the business

Share your goals for the business with your employees. When you let them in on your future plans, the kind of culture you want to create, and their role in what you want to achieve, they will feel included and begin to find ways to make your vision a reality.


2. Involve your employees from the start

Make your employees part of your business by giving them useful, responsible work from day one. Assign them projects that challenge their abilities and help them grow. Giving new hires a mentor will accelerate their progress. Praising employees for satisfactory results will build loyalty to each other and to your business.


TeamBuilding_PQ.jpg3. Designate their roles clearly

Let every employee know what they're responsible for—and what they're not—and hold them accountable. Spelling out their jobs in straightforward terms can keep things on track and reduce disagreements among employees about job functions. 


4. Set up team-building activities

Doing assigned work is certainly necessary, but allot some time for non-work related activities that foster relationships. It could be anything from outside group activities such as company softball games to more low-key events like serving soft drinks and snacks every Friday afternoon. Asking employees what kinds of activities they would like to do binds them more deeply to your business.


5. Show team members that you value them

Getting to know your employees one-on-one—such as finding out about their family life or hobbies—is a sure way to bond with them, as long as you respect their privacy and comply with the law. Find ways to help your employees grow and develop their skills. If you help them achieve their career goals, they will help you achieve your vision.


6. Give your team freedom

Once you set a goal, don't micro-manage your workers. Instead, state the goal, set the guidelines—then step back and let your team figure out how they will accomplish it. Show them that you trust their abilities, and they will work hard not to disappoint you.


Establishing an environment that respects and fosters team building can lead to faster, long-range success for your business.



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