Communication made simple…with the Aflac Employee Communications Toolkit


As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. From customer service and worker productivity to keeping up with the competition, there are more than enough worries to keep you up at night.


Staying on top of health care and benefits communications should be the last thing you stress about. With easy-to-use templates in the Aflac Employee Communications Toolkit, you can simply add your company’s logo onto ready-to-use articles that you can print or publish in your newsletter or copy and paste onto your employee intranet. You’ll also find posters and tent cards in the toolkit, as well as short messages that you can copy and paste into emails or print on postcards.

What’s in the toolkit?

We’re giving you everything needed to communicate about benefits year-round, from the latest news on health care topics and reform to tips for staying healthy and information about specific types of insurance coverage. You can pick and choose from the toolkit materials, using only those that apply to your workforce or that align with the types of insurance you make available to your employees.

By using the resources in the Aflac Employee Communications Toolkit, you’re meeting a key workforce need: 37 percent of employees at small companies say their HR departments communicate too little about employee benefits.1

In fact, 62 percent of employees who participated in the 2015 Aflac WorkForces Report survey said they rarely or only sometimes understand the changes to their coverage.1 Better benefits communications could help address this lack of knowledge.

If you are like most employers, you’re probably giving your workers more responsibility for their health care decisions, but employees say they want more guidance from their companies. Nearly half (46 percent) agree that they’d prefer not to have more control over their health insurance expenses and options because they don’t have the time or knowledge to effectively manage them.1

Helping workers learn to manage their health care choices gives your company an opportunity to demonstrate that it cares about employees, as well as to curb potential absenteeism, low morale and low productivity. Workers may be responsible for their health care decisions, but the wrong choices can greatly affect their performance and state of mind in the workplace: Fully 20 percent named personal financial issues as the top non-work-related concern that distracts them on the job.1

One last statistic clearly demonstrates the importance of benefits communications – 39 percent of employees completely or strongly agree that a well-communicated benefits program would make them less likely to leave their jobs. 1 In other words, keeping your workers informed about their benefits options is critical to keeping them on board as the economy and job market improve.

Changing seasons, changing employee materials

Make it a point to visit the Aflac Employee Communications Toolkit frequently, because the information and resources there are regularly updated. You’ll find seasonal information as well as materials that reinforce specific health events, such as the Great American Smokeout, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Workplace Safety Month and many other observances that take place throughout the year.

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1 2015 Aflac WorkForces Report, a study conducted in Jan. and Feb. 2015 by Research Now on behalf of Aflac, accessed June 15, 2015 –

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