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Offering employee benefits has always been about attracting and keeping quality employees — without breaking your budget. It’s also important to help employees live a healthy life.


So, you want your health insurance plan to be affordable for both you and your employees. And it should include health and wellness features.


When shopping for a health plan, compare monthly payment amounts and consider how much you will contribute. Is it affordable to you? Is it affordable to your employees? Your plan should be attractive enough so employees enroll. You may have to meet a minimum enrollment quota before you can offer the plan.


Besides the premium, how much will employees pay when they receive health care? Is there a deductible? How much is the copay or coinsurance? Network plans help to keep out-of-pocket costs lower. If the plan has a network, are most local doctors in it?


Consumer-directed plans are gaining popularity because of their lower premiums. But, their higher deductibles can be scary to employees. You can offer a fund to help employees pay that deductible. There are several fund options available, with tax benefits — for you and for your employees — depending on the type of fund. Be sure to show employees all the cost-saving opportunities that consumer-directed plans provide. Employee education is key to successfully implementing this type of plan.

Health and wellness

Many health insurance plans now offer 100% coverage for preventive care, like regular checkups, immunizations and certain cancer screenings. You can also find health plans that have built-in wellness programs and features at no extra cost.


Wellness programs can be simple, like discounts to fitness centers. Or they can be complex like giving incentive rewards for taking a health assessment, or allowing high-risk employees to work with a health coach or disease management nurse.  There’s a wealth of options available, so keep your eyes open when reading plan descriptions as you shop.



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