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When you own a business, sleep can become a valuable commodity.

How many times have you tossed and turned, hashing over the events of the day? Or stayed up past midnight on the computer, trying to resolve a billing issue?



We all have a bad night every now and then. But when you don’t get six to eight hours of sleep most nights, it can take a serious toll on your life – and on your business.



Here are five reasons why sleep matters.

  1. Your memory is better
    “Now where did I put those invoices?” “Did I place that order or not?”
    Scientists have long known getting a good night’s sleep helps us learn and remember.
    And, obviously, poor memory can turn into lost time – and money.

  2. You are less accident prone
    Sure, accidents happen – but experts agree, when you cheat sleep regularly, you are likely to have more lapses that turn into accidents.2
    Trip over a stepladder and fracture an arm – and suddenly you face losing a day’s receipts or profits.

  3. You are better at problem solving
    Studies show that people are more creative in their problem solving after getting a good night’s rest.

    Ever have a problem that has bugged you during the day – only to “sleep on it” and come up with a solution the next morning?
    Solving a problem can mean saving your business money. Lots of money. 

  4. Your moods are better
    Ever snap at a customer and regret it later? Lack of sleep can make you moody or irritable – and more likely to say something you really shouldn’t.  No one should ever lose a sale because of a lack of zzz’s.

  5. Your overall health is better
    The studies here are scary. Lack of sleep can lead to heart disease, obesity and a weakened immune system.

    Any of these can mean expensive trips to the doctor – or the emergency room.
    If you stay healthy, your business has a better chance of staying healthy, too.



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