• Tax preparation options

    My email inbox has been overflowing with offers from companies, each hoping to entice me to use their tax preparation service. Between that and commercials on television, I've seen so many options now that I got curio...
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  • Lessons from 5 US Presidents

    Just in time for President's Day, small business expert Rieva Lesonsky presents an informative article:   What 5 U.S. Presidents Can Teach Us About Business   Enjoy, and feel free to share your thoughts e...
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  • Creating Coupons

    Have you ever issued coupons for your business' goods or services?   Did you take an initial loss with each offer, break even, or just collect a lower return? Did you get the overall success you'd hoped for wit...
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  • Vacation Time

    After the winter holiday season, which is the most stressful for quite a few businesses, it's important to plan some time in for yourself. How do you handle time out? A long break all at once, a few days here and ther...
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  • Tips for managing stress

    This article couldn't have been posted at a better time. Decompressing from the holiday, anticipating taxes, dealing with changes in business load, all can have a huge impact on a business owner's stress level. Here w...
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  • Are you prepared for tax time?

    It's highly possible the answer is "no", especially when taking into consideration recent changes in tax laws. Never fear, our expert, Ebong Eka, has posted a new article with some words of advice to help you over thi...
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  • I am wanting to lease out my salon space, but I'm not sure where to advertise?

    I have a salon that has been very successful over the past 12 years. Last summer we decided to put the building up for sale and relocate to a new town. After the rollercoaster ride of trying to sell a commercial build...
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  • When you no longer want to go it alone, then what?

    Running things by yourself can be lonely, even in a very successful endeavor. When it's time to share the accomplishments (and the burdens), sometimes it's nice to turn to the side and find someone there to relate to....
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  • Trade Show Promotional Items

    What are some trade show giveaway ideas? What have been successful & why?   Any favorites you have received from other businesses?   -Lee
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  • Checking in

    We're just about halfway through the year now. How's your 2017 going? Has your business experienced greater growth this year than in prior years? Lesser progress than expected? Have you had to make any changes in dire...
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  • There is a sudden crisis

    Hi, I run a textile shop and have 2 branches at different locations in Canada. My business is doing really well and my shops are very well known here. I have plans to open a new store. I have been arranging funds for...
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  • Keeping Up Appearances On Social Media

    Thanks to the prevalence of internet searches now, the image you project for your business on social media can be the first impression a customer or prospective customer receives. It's important to put a lot of though...
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  • What does professionalism mean to you?

    There are so many components to this concept -- from how we dress and do our hair to tone of voice and choice of words when speaking with someone. "Professional" can even mean completely different things depending on ...
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  • ICYMI: Why You Need A Business Partner

    Earlier this month, Steve Strauss published a great article on the benefits of having a business partner: Why You Need a Business Partner. If you're thinking about a new start-up, this may be an option for you.  ...
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  • DBA

    How do I sell my DBA
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  • Is money an issue when starting a business?

    I noticed a lot of people trying to secure a loan to start a business.  Challenge yourself on how your capabilities can work for you.   This will make you realize that it wasn't money after all that wil...
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  • Ways to Accomplish the Right Company Frame of mind

    When you have a house company mindset it implies that you begin acting and believing like a business owner who is effective rather of being a worker or an employee. When you are worried with including value to , you w...
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  • Graphic Designing helps your business in various ways

    Graphic Designing helps your business in various ways Michael Ladd a blogger and graphic designer We all know about the graphic designing and we could see lot of improvements in the graphic designing these days. Rath...
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  • Small Business Social Media 101

    In case you missed it, I wanted to bring attention to this very informative article regarding the benefits of using social media for your Small Business.  If you're not using social media, you should! And if you ...
  • Tips from Santa

    Happy holidays all. Being as it is that magical time of year, it got me thinking about ‘ol Kris Kringle himself, Santa Claus.   What does Santa have to do with your business, you ask? Plenty, as it turns o...
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