• Thank You

    This time of year, you'll find lots of posts about gratitude and saying "thank you." But we rarely recognize the power of the ultimate business expression of thanks -- the testimonial. As a business owner, your credib...
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  • Building a Business to Help Others Grow

    If you work in the technology industry, you’re familiar with the concept of a pivot. Pivoting reflects the need to change or adjust your products or services to better meet market demands, and it is quite common...
    Ebong Eka
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  • Can I Start a Business While Still in Debt?

    Are you in debt? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is a resounding yes. According to recent Federal Reserve statistics, the average American household has about $182,000 in mortgage debt, $50,000 in stud...
    Rieva Lesonsky
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  • 7 Things To Do Before Becoming a Franchise Owner

    One of the universal truths about entrepreneurship is that it is difficult. Creating a business involves a lot of time, capital, connections, pivoting and a bit of luck. For some people who want to do something on the...
    Carol Roth
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  • Article Alert - Want to buy a biz? Consider the magic of seller financing by Steve Strauss

    . Have you or someone you know been considering buying a business, but a franchise isn't your cup of tea? You might consider buying an existing business and making the necessary changes to make it fit your vision. S...
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  • Anyone here used SaleHoo or Worldwide Brands for dropshipping?

    Hi guys,   My name is Michael from Oceanside CA and I am interested in starting a side hustle selling gardening products & tools online on eBay and Amazon.   I was wondering if any of guys you have don...
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  • Open a Bank of America Business Bank Account from Outside USA

    I am American, but I live most of the year outside the country. I even started my own business in this foreign country. Is it possible for me to start a Bank of America business bank account without starting a new bu...
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  • 21 Businesses to Start for $25,000

    Do you dream of being your own boss but don’t think you have enough startup capital? Starting a business is more affordable than ever. Don’t believe me? Read on to discover 21 businesses you can start for...
    Rieva Lesonsky
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  • Need some help to register a company

    Hello to everybody. We two friends not from USA and want to open a small company, but we have some difficulties, like where two go? Tax Collector? or what kind of categories it is, we will do soma actions like organiz...
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  • Article Alert: Choosing the Best Business Structure for Your Small Business

    Have you considered starting a business, but you're not sure which business structure is appropriate for your venture? Not even sure how to parse that sentence? Expert Rieva Lesonsky is here with the answers to all of...
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  • Article Alert - What do New Entrepreneurs and Students Have in Common? A Process for Growth

    This is a great article, and I found it very relevant. Small business expert Ebong Eka provides us with some useful correlations between students embarking on a new school year and entrepreneurs heading into new adven...
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  • Choosing the Best Business Structure for Your Small Business

    Choosing your business structure is a key step when starting any for-profit business. You’ll need a business structure to open a business bank account, get a business credit card or apply for a small business lo...
    Rieva Lesonsky
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  • Hydraulic lift table for moving machine

    I own a T-shirt printing business. I started this with friends as just an Instagram account. Now we have our own website and a lot of orders per day. In this beginning, we just did the designs and printed them somewhe...
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  • Article Alert - Becoming Your Own Boss | Small Business Profile: Scott Snyder Law

    In the spirit of sharing some secrets of successful business ownership, Steve Strauss brings us an insightful article profiling his friend and fellow attorney, Scott Snyder:   Becoming Your Own Boss | Small Bus...
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  • Can I have a small business startup using my membership in Unilever BA and link it on Lazada?.

    I already noticed some add placement products on Lazada where 1 brand whom interest me most is Unilever(Surf)-plastics still. I do have proposal that It will be change to a bigger container(innovated one) for distribu...
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  • Special Needs Center

    Hello , I'm currently in process of getting information on how to start up my own non profit day center for special needs.  I would like to open a facility where people can bring there loves one to while they can...
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  • ICYMI: Free ebook download: What Every Woman Should Know Before Starting a Business

    Don't miss out on this great resource!  The experts at the Small Business Community have designed this ebook to help you build a business, sustain growth and succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.  This co...
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  • Feedback on Video

    So we've been putting out some video content to help us gain traction. We've been experimenting with different types, both for the experience and just to try new things. Unfortunately it's not going quite as expected....
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  • What Every Woman Should Know Before Starting a Business [ebook]

    Introducing a helpful ebook designed for women entrepreneurs: What Every Woman Should Know Before Starting a Business.   This ebook features a collection of content from the Small Business Community designed to ...
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  • Business Structure

    I am currently have two businesses that I am forming. My question to anyone that can help is this. Can I form one legal entity and then branch both businesses off that one entity or do I have to create two separate en...
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