• Need some help to register a company

    Hello to everybody. We two friends not from USA and want to open a small company, but we have some difficulties, like where two go? Tax Collector? or what kind of categories it is, we will do soma actions like organiz...
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  • Article Alert: Choosing the Best Business Structure for Your Small Business

    Have you considered starting a business, but you're not sure which business structure is appropriate for your venture? Not even sure how to parse that sentence? Expert Rieva Lesonsky is here with the answers to all of...
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  • Article Alert - What do New Entrepreneurs and Students Have in Common? A Process for Growth

    This is a great article, and I found it very relevant. Small business expert Ebong Eka provides us with some useful correlations between students embarking on a new school year and entrepreneurs heading into new adven...
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  • Choosing the Best Business Structure for Your Small Business

    Choosing your business structure is a key step when starting any for-profit business. You’ll need a business structure to open a business bank account, get a business credit card or apply for a small business lo...
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  • Hydraulic lift table for moving machine

    I own a T-shirt printing business. I started this with friends as just an Instagram account. Now we have our own website and a lot of orders per day. In this beginning, we just did the designs and printed them somewhe...
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  • Article Alert - Becoming Your Own Boss | Small Business Profile: Scott Snyder Law

    In the spirit of sharing some secrets of successful business ownership, Steve Strauss brings us an insightful article profiling his friend and fellow attorney, Scott Snyder:   Becoming Your Own Boss | Small Bus...
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  • Can I have a small business startup using my membership in Unilever BA and link it on Lazada?.

    I already noticed some add placement products on Lazada where 1 brand whom interest me most is Unilever(Surf)-plastics still. I do have proposal that It will be change to a bigger container(innovated one) for distribu...
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  • Special Needs Center

    Hello , I'm currently in process of getting information on how to start up my own non profit day center for special needs.  I would like to open a facility where people can bring there loves one to while they can...
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  • ICYMI: Free ebook download: What Every Woman Should Know Before Starting a Business

    Don't miss out on this great resource!  The experts at the Small Business Community have designed this ebook to help you build a business, sustain growth and succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.  This co...
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  • Feedback on Video

    So we've been putting out some video content to help us gain traction. We've been experimenting with different types, both for the experience and just to try new things. Unfortunately it's not going quite as expected....
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  • What Every Woman Should Know Before Starting a Business [ebook]

    Introducing a helpful ebook designed for women entrepreneurs: What Every Woman Should Know Before Starting a Business.   This ebook features a collection of content from the Small Business Community designed to ...
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  • Business Structure

    I am currently have two businesses that I am forming. My question to anyone that can help is this. Can I form one legal entity and then branch both businesses off that one entity or do I have to create two separate en...
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  • 8 Type of Samples You Should Know Before You Begin Your Clothing Line

    Sampling or prototyping is the most important part for the success of your private label clothing line. Before you proceed for the final production of your collection, it requires several type of sampling during the e...
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  • How to open a Business account for a teen

    My son has wanted to start a computer repair business. He applied and got an EIN. However, for accounting he has to have a business account. Unfortunately, banks will not open business accounts for teens... How does t...
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  • baby stores in China

    hi, anyone know how to find a supplier for baby products for my baby chained stores in China?
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  • Looking to buy an existing bussiness with no money down

    I've been managing a small towing company for over a year, the owner wants to sell outright and there's no way for me to purchase it with out outside help.  The owner will not owner finance for me to buy and i do...
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  • Importance of Financial Projections for Any Start-Up

    Business start-ups mean the world to the business owner who has decided to chase their dream by starting a business. There is always fear and risk though, since he/she does not know if their idea will be a hit or a bu...
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  • Setting Up

    Let's talk about offices. What do you consider the absolute must-haves for a small business start up to have in the office? Anything you thought you'd need and ended up not using much or at all? What about something y...
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  • how to get funding for business with bad credit?

    My year round camp would be in the day. It will be an afterschool program and summer program too. It will be for individuals with abilities both behavioral and mentally challenged. The camp will include mentoring, ins...
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  • Change of Plans

    Looking back on what you originally had in mind for your small business vs where you are now, whether you are a month into your endeavor or a year, how do these differ?   Have you decided to take things slower?...
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