• Building a Healthy Business from Scratch

    Everyone loves a good rags-to-riches story—even when it’s not literal. One of my favorite examples is author J.K. Rowling who was collecting welfare benefits while writing the first Harry Potter book. ...
    Rieva Lesonsky
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  • How Investor Pitch Decks help in funding your startups

    I want to know what is investor pitch deck and how it helps in business startup.
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  • Looking for baby products manufacturers

    Hello my name is Sarah and I'm looking for a manufacturer to make nursing covers for me. The nursing covers I want to make need to be of very high quality, lightweight, breathable (rayon spandex blend or polyester a...
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  • Article Alert: Choosing the Best Business Structure for Your Small Business

    Have you considered starting a business, but you're not sure which business structure is appropriate for your venture? Not even sure how to parse that sentence? Expert Rieva Lesonsky is here with the answers to all of...
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  • Article Alert - Thinking of Starting a Charity? Follow These 5 Steps

    If one of your resolutions is to be more socially conscious, you may have considered founding a charitable organization in order to support a cause you are passionate about. This might seem intimidating, but as small ...
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  • Action Verbs

    Have you ever gone to a website, started reading, and realized your eyes are glazing over?? You might even think, "Gee, I really ought to be reading this page. But..." And you're gone before you can figure out what's ...
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  • How to Position Your Brand in a Competitive Niche?

      As per the study of a market research firm called Yankelovich, an average consumer on the internet and other forms of media can view a minimum of 3000 to up to 20.000 marketing messages every day. Even 3000 v...
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  • Top 5 Things Investors Look for in a Business

    In 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, students at Stanford, came up with an idea for a better search engine. Page and Brin’s insight was that a webpage was likely more valuable if a lot of other webpages linked t...
    Steve Strauss
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  • What's Your Story

    When you're being interviewed for a podcast or media show, your host will often ask, "Tell us about how you got here." They're really asking, "What's your story?" All too often the guest goes into a long episode of Tr...
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  • Because

    When you look up copywriting tips, you'll often find lists of power words for copywriting. Words like ... breakthrough astounding special secret hidden truth temptation forbidden never revealed limited cru...
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  • How to Start a Business as an Independent Contractor

    In the past, employees of large enterprises had careers lasting 20-30 years with the same company that would in return come with a company retirement or pension benefit.Times are different. In the U.S. today, there ar...
  • Need help with writing a bussiness plan

    I am planning to open a Bakery business and I need help to prepare a business. Please, ADVICE Thanks
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  • Tis the Season

    Happy Holiday to all at the Small Business Community.   Be safe for the Holidays and May the New Year bring each of you and your families Health and Happiness!!   LUCKIEST    
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  • Thinking of Starting a Charity? Follow These 5 Steps

    A few years ago, I wrote a book with 15 co-authors from around the world called Planet Entrepreneur. I learned many lessons from that experience (including not to try and write a book with 15 other people.) More impor...
    Steve Strauss
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  • Thank You

    This time of year, you'll find lots of posts about gratitude and saying "thank you." But we rarely recognize the power of the ultimate business expression of thanks -- the testimonial. As a business owner, your credib...
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  • Building a Business to Help Others Grow

    If you work in the technology industry, you’re familiar with the concept of a pivot. Pivoting reflects the need to change or adjust your products or services to better meet market demands, and it is quite common...
    Ebong Eka
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  • Can I Start a Business While Still in Debt?

    Are you in debt? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is a resounding yes. According to recent Federal Reserve statistics, the average American household has about $182,000 in mortgage debt, $50,000 in stud...
    Rieva Lesonsky
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  • 7 Things To Do Before Becoming a Franchise Owner

    One of the universal truths about entrepreneurship is that it is difficult. Creating a business involves a lot of time, capital, connections, pivoting and a bit of luck. For some people who want to do something on the...
    Carol Roth
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  • Article Alert - Want to buy a biz? Consider the magic of seller financing by Steve Strauss

    . Have you or someone you know been considering buying a business, but a franchise isn't your cup of tea? You might consider buying an existing business and making the necessary changes to make it fit your vision. S...
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  • Anyone here used SaleHoo or Worldwide Brands for dropshipping?

    Hi guys,   My name is Michael from Oceanside CA and I am interested in starting a side hustle selling gardening products & tools online on eBay and Amazon.   I was wondering if any of guys you have don...
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