• Starting up a health care agency

    hello there im starting a homecare agency and i want to know if anyone have any ideals for me an how do i go by in getting contracts from hospital,rehab any info will be helpful
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  • Looking for a co-founder for a 3D Construction Printing startup

    I am looking for a co-founder for a 3D Construction Printing startup (Printing houses). We are in the pre-seed stage; currently in process of raising money to build a prototype 3DCP and a small factory.     ...
    created by michaelsd
  • Looking for partners for an established podcast station

    I am a business media-preneur with interests in financial markets, trading, and economy. I run a podcast station that has different formats for business, finance, and economics. I am seeking partner(s) to help grow my...
    created by michaelsd
  • Looking for a business partner for digital neuro technology platform

    Hello,   I am the Master in Arts, and a Leader in Phenomenon, Currently the Main Frame Matrix and the Core subject of Quantum Reality,  Chosen to be the Savior of the world and a professional artist. I am ...
    created by michaelsd
  • Write a Story

    If you’re like most business owners, you’re always seeking creative ways to command attention from your most important audience . And you’re in business to earn income. So you want content that will ...
    created by LUCKIEST
  • Business Structure

    I am currently have two businesses that I am forming. My question to anyone that can help is this. Can I form one legal entity and then branch both businesses off that one entity or do I have to create two separate en...
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  • "Aha" Moment

    When you're a service business, you'll often want to position yourself as an expert. Your brand might differentiate your business based on what you know and how your knowledge delivers results for your clients. One of...
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  • Website content and overall quality

    Hi, I am working on a  website that evaluate peoples personality based on Artificial Neural Network (Ai). I have a valuable dataset (over 10000 records) that has been train and ready to go. But I am looking for...
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  • Looking for a business partner for a new innovative dating app

    I am looking for a serious business partner for a new innovative dating app.  Even though this industry is very competitive, we target a unique niche, which creates a huge opportunity. We are planning to engage u...
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  • End-user License Agreement(EULA)

    Is an End-user License Agreement(EULA) a Legally Binding Contract?
    roxana linda
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  • How do you fund an Scorp that has two PLLC's each with their own bank account?

    I am starting an Scorp with two shareholders and registering two PLLC's businesses under it. Each has their own bank account and we keep all bookkeeping separate. All income derived from each business goes into their ...
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  • are there any companies need purchasing service?

    Our ecosystem production center is located in China, we may act as your purchasing office locally we not only source products but also may produce according to your design in small MOQ and cost effectively.   i...
    created by dqmade
  • Fundraising Pains and Wins

    Hello, all!   I'm new here, and I've just started fundraising for my tech company. I want to hear about everyone's experiences with fundraising. What were you worried about? What did you not expect? What was the...
    created by dtech57
  • Looking to join a startup in E-commerce, Mobile Apps, SAAS, Amazon, Import/Export

    I am looking to join a startup in E-commerce, Mobile Apps, Import/Export, SAAS, Amazon, etc., etc. What matters to me is that the product is either unique or is finding a solution to a particular problem. I am a Chart...
    created by michaelsd
  • How to find a co-founder for a tech startup?

    Can anybody share some tips or experience? I am struggling to find a business developer as a co-founder who would help me take my project to the next level. I have some traction but the business is not growing. I have...
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  • What is the difference in taste about Making tea in different teapots?

    I have some green tea at home. I usually like to drink them very much. I heard that the tea leaves made with different teapots have different flavors. Is this true? Does anyone know that these teapots are suitable for...
    created by awildcat
  • Websites

    Hello and happy Tuesday! Have you noticed something about the rules for making websites? Mostly there are no rules. It’s your jam. Your story, your message, your archetype. Some people have a home page with a ...
    created by LUCKIEST
  • A Perfect Blend of Offline and Online Marketing for Small Businesses

    When it comes to small business marketing, most of the small business owners lack in producing innovative marketing ideas for their product branding, promotion, and sales. This happens more with those who have started...
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  • A Business Pan

    Fall always seems more of a time to plan and set resolutions, instead of January. And these days just about everyone has a planning system to sell you... everything from broad programs that dig deeply into your psych...
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  • How to Use Live Chat Software for Lead Generation

    It’s been more than a year that you started your business. It’s doing well so far, but now you feel that it’s time to go online.   You know that reaching your audience is important and taking y...
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