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I already noticed some add placement products on Lazada where 1 brand whom interest me most is Unilever(Surf)-plastics still. I do have proposal that It will be change to a bigger container(innovated… (Show more)
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Hello , I'm currently in process of getting information on how to start up my own non profit day center for special needs.  I would like to open a facility where people can bring there loves one to… (Show more)
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Moderator Rebecca
Don't miss out on this great resource!  The experts at the Small Business Community have designed this ebook to help you build a business, sustain growth and succeed in your entrepreneurial journey. … (Show more)
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So we've been putting out some video content to help us gain traction. We've been experimenting with different types, both for the experience and just to try new things. Unfortunately it's not going… (Show more)
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Bank of America SB Team
Introducing a helpful ebook designed for women entrepreneurs: What Every Woman Should Know Before Starting a Business.   This ebook features a collection of content from the Small Business Community… (Show more)
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I am currently have two businesses that I am forming. My question to anyone that can help is this. Can I form one legal entity and then branch both businesses off that one entity or do I have to… (Show more)
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Billoomi Fashion India
Sampling or prototyping is the most important part for the success of your private label clothing line. Before you proceed for the final production of your collection, it requires several type of… (Show more)
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My son has wanted to start a computer repair business. He applied and got an EIN. However, for accounting he has to have a business account. Unfortunately, banks will not open business accounts for… (Show more)
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Business start-ups mean the world to the business owner who has decided to chase their dream by starting a business. There is always fear and risk though, since he/she does not know if their idea… (Show more)
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I've been managing a small towing company for over a year, the owner wants to sell outright and there's no way for me to purchase it with out outside help.  The owner will not owner finance for me to… (Show more)
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