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I received an email from BOA about PPP and it says the following but when I logged in nothing came up or popped up or anything to have me update any info.   What I am supposed to do since no one on… (Show more)
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I got an email 4/28 4pm stating my loan has been submitted to SBA  for approval. My question is typically how soon after this email do we get assigned a loan number by the SBA ?   My timeline is… (Show more)
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Applied for PPP on 4/4 and haven't heard anything, nothing whatsoever. After much stress and trying everything we could think of went to a BofA branch. They have no visibility into they PPP system… (Show more)
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Hoping my personal experience helps those still in process, like those approved before keep me going and SANE within this unique difficult times. Since detailed info is limited, I've reading these… (Show more)
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I still have not gained access to sign the attestation form and promissory note through the original "You're one step away from receiveing PPP funds" email. Today I received this email from… (Show more)
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Anyone get their loan amount funded, but give them be wrong amount? I was told to change my last minute. Zero follow up after numerous calls, emails, etc.
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I just received approval but for a drastically lower amount. I used all the info from my payroll provider and the amount barely covers 1 employee not 7.   I check and recheck all the numbers on… (Show more)
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Hi! Is anyone else in this situation? I’ve been following the threads, but I can’t find anyone who has waited this long to receive the promissory note email. I received the email on May 1 around 2:00… (Show more)
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We have two businesses and we applied separately for each. We provided the same email address for both applications. That seems to have been problematic since everything in Intralinks is under the… (Show more)
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After all the struggles just to get this far. I finally get the "You're One Step Away" email. Only the system won't allow me to sign in to sign the documents. Direct clicking the links won't work, so… (Show more)
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