• Hi,its John.

    I need to speak to  customer services.
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  • ACH Collections

    We currently bank with Chase and are considering moving to BOA   Does BOA have ACH Collections like Chase does?   We bill about 40 customers a day with their routing/account info using ACH.   Does BO...
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  • Shopify development by Alt-team

    Hello,   Alt-team.com offeres a quality service of php coding for Magento and CS-Cart platforms. We have been working with these systems during 7 years. But we need to grow our business.   Recently we hav...
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  • I need a merchant service that does not have so many fees.  At least 5-7 times a month I have merchant fees.  I am a very small buiness with just 2 employees.  I can not afford to pay all these fees.  Any advice?

    Need a new merchant company that will not charge me so many fees.  I can not afford it.  i am a very small business with just 2 employees.  Can someone please help me find the right company.  Thank...
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  • Credit and Debit Card Trends Worth Mentioning

    A. People are using their reloadable debit cards as bank accounts. Increasing forces of over 23 million utilize these prepaid cards and the majority of users earn less than 50k annually. These cards are a popular choi...
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  • Benefits of Accepting Credit Card Payments

    If your business doesn’t already offer customers the convenience of paying with a credit card, you might want to seriously consider it. Generally, customers are more receptive to shopping with a company that off...
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  • What is the best POS system for a small retail business?

    What is the best POS system for a small retail business?
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  • Quickbooks 2015 for Mac - Transactions associated with wrong account

    Today I signed up for direct connect with BofA and purchased QB for Mac 2015. it brought in both of my accounts, but account names & associated transactions are swapped. I have an investment account and checking ...
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  • Attention Grocery and C-Store businesses

    You may or may not be aware of this, but Food Stamps (formerly "EBT") has been re-branded as "SNAP". Full details on our blog post http://www.merchantservices-help.com/blog/food-stamps-formerly-ebt-update/
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    We've just gotten wind from one of our major network partners of a phishing scam making the rounds as we speak. It seems the bad guys are contacting merchants by phone or email and telling them that their "merchant ac...
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  • PNC Merchant Services

    I am terribly unhappy with the PNC Merchant Services as a provider for my small online business. They have 3 year contracts, high processing fees and very poor customer service. They want to charge me an extra $240 on...
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  • Square discontinues flat fee pricing

    Credit card processing aggregator "Square" has announced discontinuation of it's flat-fee pricing model, effective January 2014.  Once touted as a revolutionary money-saving pricing concept, Square has basically ...
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  • What is EMV?

    EMV has been in the payment processing news lately, and we are receiving many calls asking what it is all about? Basically EMV is a joint venture of the major credit card companies to provide a solution to help combat...
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  • Merchant services and the newbie

    Hello all,   I was going to go through Square, however, after reading Amspcs blog post about what Square can and will do to your hard earned money, I am shying away from Square. I am in the start up phase and h...
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  • Will PayPal increase/decrease your sales?

    PayPal said their checkout method could boost sales. We have used their service for many years and are happy with them. However, we got more customers' complains this year about PayPal check out. Some customers could ...
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  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems

    Gone are the days when businesses use simple 'credit card machines' to process their sales.  The complexities of modern business, including increased competition and shrinking margins to name just two, demand the...
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  • IRS Grants Temporary Relief to TIN Mis-Match Penalties

    The IRS has granted temporary relief to merchants who would otherwise be facing withholdings of batch amounts in cases of mis-matching TIN data. Full store on our blog post at: http://www.merchantservices-help.com/blo...
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  • FTC Accuses Merchant Services provider

    The FTC has charged a sales office (ISO) of merchant processing services with unethical business practices. For a link to the FTC press release, please go to http://www.merchantservices-help.com/blog/ftc-shuts-down-un...
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  • Customer Interaction

    As the owner of a business, small or large, do you like to interact with your customers or do you try to avoid them and have a manager deal with the customers? After talking to some business owner from the community, ...
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  • New Visa/MC Surcharge Guidelines Announced

    Visa and MC have announced new merchant guidelines concerning the recent settlement with the US Department of Justice on the issue of surcharges for credit card purchases.  If your business accepts credit cards, ...
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