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Finding-the-right-credit-card-machine-Thumb2.gifIn our new guide, you can explore the types of credit card terminals available for small business. Use this overview to choose not only the best and most flexible option for your business, but one that will fit your needs perfectly today while preparing you for tomorrow.


Click here to download the guide "Finding the Right Credit Card Machine for Small Business" (PDF).

SBC Team

The Future of Credit Cards

Posted by SBC Team Oct 14, 2015

Credit-Cards-Thumb.pngThe credit card industry is not just undergoing a revolution; it’s facing an evolution. Help your small business prepare for tomorrow with the information found in our new guide, “The Future of Credit Cards.”


Click here to download the Future of Credit Cards Guide (PDF).







It’s all about the cash flow.  To help, we’ve compiled
our newest and most popular cash flow content for you. 
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Thumb.pngEMV chip card technology is here. It is crucial to plan a strategy before implementing EMV.


With EMV chip card technology, the card brands have introduced “liability shifts.” If your payment devices are not EMV enabled, your business could be held liable for counterfeit fraud losses when chip cards are used (card-present transactions only). We can help you understand the cost/benefit of adopting EMV.


Click here to read the guide, "Why You Should Adopt EMV Chip Card Technology" (PDF)


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How the majority of the world uses EMV
  • What the liability shift is and what it means to you
  • The impact on card issuers and merchants
  • What EMV means to your customers
  • Why to expect a reduction in fraudulent transactions
  • How to develop your strategy

To talk to someone about EMV, you can call Bank of America Merchant Services.

  • Current Bank of America Merchant Service customers, please call 1-800-430-7161.
  • For new inquiries, please call 1-855-833-3610

Merchant-Thumb.jpgEmploying the right payment options, commerce solutions and data security safeguards for your growing business is essential in today’s financial landscape. Streamlining your payment processing can also save you a lot of extra time otherwise spent by manually taking care of all your back-office financial record keeping, processing and reconciliation. But if you streamline your payment processes for mobile, online and in-store, it will free you up to do what you do best: Run your business.


Click here to read our guide: Merchant Services for the Modern Small Business

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