SBA loan application

  • 7(a) loan program: Borrower Information Form — SBA Form 1919
  • SBA Express: Please see your Bank of America business banker for the most current form.
  • Microloan program:
  • CDC/504 loan program: Application for Business Loan —
  • Disaster loans: 

After a presidential disaster declaration, submit a Disaster Loan Application and IRS Form 4506-T directly to the SBA.  The following information will be required:

      1. Contact information
      2. Social Security number          
      3. FEMA registration number
      4. Deed or lease information
      5. Insurance information
      6. Income, account balance, monthly expenses and other financial information
      7. Employer identification number (EIN) for business applicants


Business certificate or license

Be ready to present your original business license or certificate. If your business is a corporation, you can simply stamp your seal on your SBA application form.


Income tax returns

Submit your returns for the previous three years, including personal and business returns for each of your company’s principals.


Business overview and history

Here is where you tell your company’s story. It can be brief but should include what challenges you’ve faced, how you’ve overcome them, why you need an SBA loan and how it will benefit your business.


Personal background and financial history


Business financial statements

  • Profit and loss (P&L) statement: Summarize your revenues, costs and expenses to within 90 days of your application, including supplementary schedules from the past three fiscal years.
  • Projected financial statement: Predict your income and finances for the coming year in detail, including a written strategy for how you plan to get there.


Ownership and affiliations

Do you have subsidiaries or affiliates? List them all here, including all controlling interests, stock ownership, franchises, proposed mergers and all other such concerns.


Loan application history



Submit a résumé for every principal involved in your business.


Business lease


If you’re purchasing an existing business, please provide:

  • Current balance sheet of prospective business
  • Profit and loss statement of prospective business
  • Two years of federal income tax returns of prospective business
  • Proposed bill of sale (including terms of sale)
  • Complete schedule of inventory, machinery and equipment, and furniture and fixtures
  • Confirmed asking price


All programs subject to credit approval and loan amounts are subject to creditworthiness. Some restrictions may apply. The term, amount, interest rate and repayment schedule for your loan, and any product features, including interest rate locks, may vary depending on your creditworthiness and on the type, amount and collateral for your loan. Bank of America may prohibit use of an account to pay off or pay down another Bank of America account. Repayment structure, prepayment options and early payoff are all subject to product availability and credit approval. Other restrictions may apply.

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