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The-Right-Financing-Thumbnail.jpgVirtually all businesses need access to capital beyond the cash flow generated by continuing operations at different points throughout their lifecycle. The range of financing alternatives is expansive: personal savings, family and friends, grants, loans, lines of credit, credit cards, supplier credit, crowd funding, angel investors, venture capital, and more. Following is a general depiction of the stages of business growth, financial benchmarks typically associated with them, and potential financing sources for each.


Click here to view our infographic titled "The Right Financing at the Right Time".

Infographic_Thumb.gifBack in business: banks are lending again. The recent upswing in the economy is great news for small business owners.


From start-up funds to investors, loans and credit cards, you need to be familiar with the current lending landscape. Our infographic will give you a great overview of benefits and key considerations when making a lending decision for your business.


Click here to view our infographic about the current Small Business Lending Landscape

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