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Went to sign and finalize paperwork for the PPP to be funded, but the promissory note doesn't match the loan amount.  They had elevated the incorrect amount and the PNote still has the inccorect… (Show more)
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Has anybody received any information from Bank of America on the instructions for applying for PPP loan forgiveness?   We're curious as the 8 week period starts for us, we want to make sure we're… (Show more)
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HI. I signed the promissory note from the "You're one step away from receiving Paycheck Protection Program funds."  email.  3 days ago. It said it would take 1 to 2 business days for fund to be… (Show more)
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Another bank informed me they couldn't finalize my PPP loan with them because BoA has already claimed my loan.  I haven't heard anything from BoA regarding my loan and I don't have a promissory note… (Show more)
in Credit & Lending
If you have had your loan funded can you tell me if you received another email before the funds appeared in your account?
in Credit & Lending
I finally received the email about the attestation and promissory note but the loan amount is wrong. It's only a fraction of the amount that it should be. I'm not sure whether to accept this loan or… (Show more)
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Anyone else get approved for the PPP loan only to find you did not get the correct amount?  We are an LLP, so we have employees and partners.  We were only given the money for the employees, which… (Show more)
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I had applied for both the PPP and unemployment benefits (specifically Pandemic Unemployment Assistance through NJ) and have now received funds from both programs but I am unsure if I am eligible for… (Show more)
in Credit & Lending
We received Paycheck Protection Program Funds earlier today. One of the requirement was to ensure that these funds are not used for anything besides payroll-costs/healthcare/rent/etc. However, since… (Show more)
in Credit & Lending
Hi all,   I applied for the PPP on Apr 5th and uploaded docs to Interlinks on Apr 9th but have heard nothing from Bank of America since then (except a call from a representative making sure I had… (Show more)
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