• The 5 Strategies for Improving Cash Flow Management

    by Karen Harrison   Eighty-two percent of businesses fail due to poor cash-flow management, according to a study by Jessie Hagen of US Bank, cited on the SCORE website.   The most common cash flow contribu...
    Karen Harrison
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  • Your small business guide to managing receivables

    Cash flow best practices When it comes to cash flow, the faster you collect payments, the better. Money owed to your company is money not available. So it’s a good idea to assess and refine your accounting proce...
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  • Five Ways to Make More Money Without a Single New Customer

    You've probably heard that it costs about five times more money to acquire new customers versus retaining existing ones. Obviously, the expense and effort of acquiring new customers can be worthwhile. That said, are y...
    Carol Roth
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  • Small Business Cash Flow Management Made Easy

    We are well into the new year and, in all likelihood, you started off the year planning to reach certain financial goals and revenue targets. Before the year gets too far along it’s good to take stock of whether...
    Steve Strauss
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  • How to Understand – and Use – a Profit & Loss Statement

    It is probably safe to say two things about you, the small business owner:   First, I bet you went into business for yourself out of love. Either you loved doing something so much that you wanted to do it every ...
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  • Infographic: Tips for Avoiding a Cash Flow Crunch

    Even the most successful small businesses have natural ebbs and flows that affect their bottom line. Learn how to successfully bridge the lulls your company may experience and create more flexibility in your cash flow...
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  • Infographic: Creating a Balanced Cash Flow Cycle

    Good cash flow is essential for small business success. Is yours as effective as it can be? Learn how to manage operational costs and monthly payments now and prepare for the financial challenges ahead with our new in...
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  • Infographic: 10 Cash Flow Tips for Small Businesses

    From managing monthly payables and receivables to planning for the road ahead, maintaining good cash flow is important. Explore ways to optimize yours with the 10 handy tips provided in our new infographic. We’...
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  • How long do you usually receive the funds after signing the attestation form and promissory note?

    I signed and submitted the attestation form and promissory note via the link from BoA on 5/1, and it shows success and should expect the funds to be posted to your account within 1-2 business days. However, as of toda...
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  • One step away from receiving PPP funds?

    Got an email this morning saying I was one step away from receiving funds and just needed to sign my promissory note, signed in but nothing there to sign? I spoke with a BOA loan specialist who told me to sign in to m...
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  • PPP Final note for 13 dollars.

    I am an individual sole proprietor that put in for the PPP application about two weeks ago.  I submitted all my documents including a schedule 1040c, where it shows my net profit for 2019 on line 31.  This i...
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  • PPP Promissory Note under a Wrong Company Name

    I have 3 business accounts with Bank of America. However, I applied for PPP loan only for 1 company. I received an email asking for the promissory note to be signed. However, the promissory note was issued to the wron...
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  • 30 Years w/ BOA and No PPP Covid-19 Support

    After three weeks, I have only received one message from BOA, requesting 1099s. They were uploaded immediately. Weeks later, nothing. No communication. No help at branches. No help on phones. No online help. Nothing. ...
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  • Does anyone use the Profit First approach to small business accounting?

    Hello All!  I am just starting my small business journey and have been reading up on some accounting methodologies including Profit First which was popularized by author Mike Michalowicz.  I am wondering i...
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  • Why running reports, and understanding them, is important for you and your small business

    By Stacy Kildal Owner/Operator of Kildal Services Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor   Importance of Reporting You’re a small business owner, so you know that in order to gain insight into (and mak...
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  • The Accounts Payable Automation Opportunity

    For organizations seeking ways to streamline back-office operations, cut costs and achieve best practices, accounts payable represents an area of opportunity. This labor-intensive cost center once required many clerks...
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  • Your small business guide to managing payables

    Cash flow best practicesHow you manage your payables can have a significant impact on your cash flow and business relationships. Whether paying for your mortgage, rent, equipment, inventory, payroll or other expenses,...
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  • A Chill in the Air? What Small Businesses Should do When Recession Looms

    The U.S. is in one of the longest periods of expansion ever, as June marked the 10-year anniversary of our current economic expansion. Yet there are signs we are heading towards a recession within the next year:  ...
    Steve Strauss
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  • The Top 5 Small Business Money Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

    “I've got to keep breathing. It'll be my worst business mistake if I don't.” – Steve Martin   Because mistakes and business are not uncommon, it is a fact that once you get started with your ...
    Steve Strauss
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  • Q&A: Handling Debt in Your Small Business

    Q: Hi Steve – From reading your articles, I see you used to be a bankruptcy attorney and I would like to tap that expertise. For various reasons, my business has accumulated a lot of debt. But the thing is, I do...
    Steve Strauss
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