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SBC Team
Even the most successful small businesses have natural ebbs and flows that affect their bottom line. Learn how to successfully bridge the lulls your company may experience and create more flexibility… (Show more)
in Cash Management
I signed and submitted the attestation form and promissory note via the link from BoA on 5/1, and it shows success and should expect the funds to be posted to your account within 1-2 business days.… (Show more)
in Cash Management
Got an email this morning saying I was one step away from receiving funds and just needed to sign my promissory note, signed in but nothing there to sign? I spoke with a BOA loan specialist who told… (Show more)
in Cash Management
I am an individual sole proprietor that put in for the PPP application about two weeks ago.  I submitted all my documents including a schedule 1040c, where it shows my net profit for 2019 on line… (Show more)
in Cash Management
I have 3 business accounts with Bank of America. However, I applied for PPP loan only for 1 company. I received an email asking for the promissory note to be signed. However, the promissory note was… (Show more)
in Cash Management
After three weeks, I have only received one message from BOA, requesting 1099s. They were uploaded immediately. Weeks later, nothing. No communication. No help at branches. No help on phones. No… (Show more)
in Cash Management