• Confusion on 2 conflicting B of A letters

    ON 4/30 at 11.31 am I received am B of A email that they needed a 2020 941 form and I should upload it.   Before I could respond, on 5/2 at 8:04 am I received  a B of A Update on the Status email that state...
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  • How to access your attestation form and promissory note!

    I received an email today telling me that I needed to fill out my attestation form and promissory note by signing into my small business online banking account. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me, but after h...
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  • EIDL--anyone receive any part of the $10k?

    We applied for the initial $10k... Our application number begins with the 33... Received an update email from the SBA about the loan program being paid out at $1k/employee, but nothing else... Anybody get more informa...
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    So I applied for the loan on 4/17 with same results as almost everyone else receiving the emails that all paperwork was not submitted for days after days. So I went back to my account and changed the names back to how...
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  • We haven’t received all of your loan application documents??

    How do you figure out what documents you haven't uploaded when there's no support to speak with?  I uploaded everything on April 8th and received the confirmation email that they received the documents.  On ...
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  • Assistance Hub?

    Can anyone let me know how to get to the Assistance Hub to confirm I've uploaded my documents. When I click either the Get Started and Assistance Hub it just takes me to my regular sign in and accounts.
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  • PPP Help

    Hi Everyone, I received these communications below and have not funded and no guidance on what to do as we submitted everything So maybe someone can help I know that they said they needed an signature but I was sen...
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  • FUNDED!!! Very appreciative! Now moving to using fund correctly....

    Thus far BOA hasn't issued any guidance as to what documentation will be required for the loan forgiveness. I set up a separate account in my Quickbooks so I would have an accurate accounting of where the $$ goes. Any...
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  • Payroll Protection

    I applied for the Payroll Protection Program on 4/4, On 4/8 I was sent an email to upload my documents to Interlink, which I did. On 4/10 I received a call from BofA saying they had my information and would send my ap...
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  • A note about moderation of posts.

    Hi Community,   Just a reminder that we are here to provide support to one another and help each other during these difficult and anxious times.  We know there are a lot of questions about the Paycheck Prot...
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  • Hi can anyone show me how I go upload my documents?

    Help me out please struggle to upload. Bank of America send me an email said that I need to upload my doc. Which I really bad some one help me to take step by step. thank you much     Message was edited by:...
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  • PPP loans. What is going on

    Well I realize this is not the general area to ask questions and get answers maybe somebody can shed some light on this I submitted my application Saturday afternoon once Bank of America change that criteria and drop...
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  • did not receive intralinks email for PPP

    I received an email today from B of A saying I hadn't replied to the intralinks email with documents for my PPP but I never received the email.  How do I get a hold of someone? William
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  • PPP Interlinks email

    We did not receive our email from Interlinks and it was not in our Junk Mail or Spam.  B of A sent us an email saying they had not received our documents. I can't seem to find a way to set up an account with Inte...
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  • Legit Links to upload documents for Paycheck Protection Program

    Hello everyone,   I'm a small business owner who applied for the Paycheck Protection Program loan few days ago and today received the following email, prompting us to upload the supporting documents via IntraLin...
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  • Uploaded response

    Has anyone heard about new forms that came out Sunday for the PPP loan. I sent my docs in Saturday but heard on line about streamlines forms.
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  • Applied for SBA Payroll Protection

    I filled out the entire application and when I hit submit the little time wheel just keeps spinning.  Every once in a while a message will pop up  asking if I need more time for my application.  What do...
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  • PPP now open to those with only business checking

    Checked this morning and was able to submit the application. No real info about what happens next and no email confirmation or follow up so far.
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  • PPP link available

    Signed into my Business Services account about 30 mins ago and there was a big link to submit an application for PPP.  Went through it pretty smoothly.    
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  • About the Community

    Our Mission Our mission is to create a thriving online community that empowers people in building a successful business.   Learn, Share, Connect The Small Business Community allows small business to exchange i...
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