• Did you know that business owners are about to lose 40% of an important deduction?

    If you are a business owner you are about to lose 40% of an important deduction that you had otherwise planned on – you don’t want to be the reason why.     Open this link and try our free, rea...
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  • Advertising Practices

    We strive to provide you with information about products and services you might find interesting and useful. Relationship-based ads and online behavioral advertising help us do that. Here's how it works: We gather in...
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  • Triple Bottom Reversal

    Triple Bottom Reversal The Triple Bottom Reversal is a bullish reversal pattern typically found on bar charts, line charts and candlestick charts. There are three equal lows followed by a break above resistance. As ma...
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  • How do i submit First article ?

    Hi Moderator,   it's been 3 weeks i crossed my points to 1200+ then how come i cant able to create my first article i need your guidelines for this please. There's no action option for Submitting article, kindl...
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  • NEED HELP....

    ...as you know I have spent some time developing my business consulting practice. Our business owner clients are regularly asking for referrals to new tax professionals (CPA, Accountant’s and Enrolled Agents). S...
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  • Receiving Support in the Community.

    Though most of the features in the Small Business Community are intuitive and easy-to-use, you may have questions or need help in getting the most out of the community features and functionality.   We encourage ...
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  • Please remove my thread

    Dear moderators,   I'm not sure which subforum to post in/how to contact a moderator so please forgive my duplicate posts.   I'd like a thread that I previously made removed as it reveals personal informat...
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  • User Agreement

    Thank you for taking the time to review this Small Business Online Community User Agreement ("Agreement"). Bank of America ("We," "Us," or "Our") is pleased to provide the Small Business Online Community (“Commu...
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  • About the Community

    Our Mission Our mission is to create a thriving online community that empowers people in building a successful business.   Learn, Share, Connect The Small Business Community allows small business to exchange i...
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  • Are small businesses and startups in the US aware of WOTC?

    This program falls under the Worker’s Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), and is a Federal tax credit available to all employers who hire and retain qualified individuals. Employers currently claim about $1 billion i...
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  • Why was my post rejected?

    Hello Moderators - I tried to post some information about the topic of SBA Debt Settlement that I wrote in the "Credit & Lending" section, but it was rejected by the moderator.  Can you please explain why thi...
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  • How long does the Story approval process take?

    Hi!   How long does the Story approval process take?   We are waiting on approval for: Caliper Corporation Mapping Software Story   Thanks!
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  • To the Host team- Are you looking for professional content contributors- Articles ? or the application process is closed? If it's open where and how to apply? Thank you

    Thank you
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  • unsubscribe

    Please unsubscribe me from the small business community
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  • Article Submission

    How do members submit articles?
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  • Special Thanks

    Special thanks to Bank America Small Business Community. IT IS FREE. The quality of answers to your questions is amazing. In so many websites, the quality of participation get higher when you pay to play, either b...
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  • Clothing line question

    How do I find a manufacture to partner with to create a clothing/hat/dog collar line?
    angela brown
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  • Community Guidelines

    Thank you for taking a moment to review the community guidelines. The guidelines are here to: 1) help you become a valuable contributor to the community, 2) explain what kind of conduct to avoid, and 3) make sure the ...
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  • Unsubscribe me

    please unsubscribe me. Thank you in advance. Pet Care by Dale
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  • How To Post Articles From Your Profile

    I created my profile. Uploaded a picture. Looks fine. I clicked on "Your Content" in the drop down. It says... There's nothing hereWhy don't you create something?   ONLY... I don't see anywhere, a button or any...
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