• Loan amount doesn't include full wages or healthcare

    We received our promissory note through B of A and the loan amount is less than half of requested amount. It looks like because we're a newer company we only added employees partway through 2019 and had 8-1/2 months o...
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    Received funds same day as promissory note was signed. Hope this is helpful.
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  • PPP correct documents

    Hi, I am a sole proprietor with no employees. I uploaded my schedule c and then it asks for profit and loss with no date range. I made a profit and loss statement for the date January 1st 2020 to February 15th 2020. I...
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    I wanted to update my experience with the PPP loan application process. Applied for ppp loan on 4/10. Received no info until day before funds were to be exhausted. Needed to verify my bank account from desktop compute...
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  • Bank of America PPP Promissory Note

    I am wondering if anyone else is in my same position. I applied on Day 1 through Bank of America and received an Application Complete for Submission Email on April 20 (After Round 1 Closed). Shockingly on April 28 I r...
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  • Intralinks vs. BOA login to finalize?

    It seems as though in the last couple of days, a lot of us have received BOA emails regarding SBA Loan Identification numbers and a subsequent email asking us to login to BOA to complete the final steps for the attest...
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  • Can't Access the Promissory Note - login error "We are sorry, you do not have access to this page"

    I am supposed to sign the promissory note but can not get to see it on the site.  When I click the link in my "You are One Step Away" email, or log in any other way, I get an error message: "We are sorry, you do ...
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  • PPP Legal Attestation and CARES Act Promissory Note

    Today, we got a call and an email telling us to fill out the promissory note and legal attestation however it is not in our instructions folder to fill out and upload.  Any one else experiencing the same issue?
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  • Wrong attestation form and promissory note

    Hello ,   I got an email today from Bank of America saying that I needed to sign the attestation form . However, one of the requirements was to attest that I had been in business since february 2020 and filed t...
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  • Attestation and promissory note

    I received an email on May 1 to complete and sign attestation and promissory note, but was unable to locate any form. I was informed to logged in to online banking account, there was no form. I also tried signed in to...
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  • What?!  I just got the "We haven't received all your documents" mail after signing PN yesterday!

    I've been following many threads and having similar frustrations as many of you. Yesterday I finally got the 'loan number assigned' email and then in the evening I got the email 'You're one step away from receiving PP...
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  • If your PPP application had a mistake, can you "cancel" it instead of signing the promissory note?

    I got word from BofA on May 1st that I've been approved for the loan but it is for 14% of what I should qualify for. Based on the SBA requirements the loan should be between $17,000 and $21,000 (I have three employees...
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  • PPP attestation and promissory note, No forms showing in online banking

    After receiving email notification and link to my business only online banking, there are no forms there - anyone else experiencing the same.
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  • BOfA PPP Approval Round2 | Did anyone receive approvals/funds this weekend (starting 2nd May)?

    Is anyone getting approval or ACH or wire from BOfA over the weekend or we have wait till Monday for some movement? I have no email after 2/28 1pm PST email stating that application was submitted to SBA. No email, no ...
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  • BOA Cut out 2/3 of the Average Payroll Amount

    Hi Folks,   I have received PPP funding last night and BOA cut out more than 60% of my company's monthly average payroll. I do not understand why it happened. My company can only survive for a month with this am...
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  • Here's what to do if you cannot find the link to your promissory note in the "you're one step away..." email

    Hey guys,   There is a glitch in the system.   Here is what you need to do to access your promissary note once you've received the email titled: "You're one step away from receiving Paycheck Protection Pro...
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  • Re : PPP forgiveness 8 weeks calculation

    Hello there,   Hope all is well. We just received the email regarding signing the promissory note from BofA on our PPP application. We run payroll twice a month ( 15 th and 1 st of month) , based on that 8 weeks...
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  • PPP Batch Numbers??

    Good Morning,   I've noticed several people referring to batch numbers.  How do you know what your batch number is?  Also I've seen reference to possibly what would be the first part of what our folder...
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  • Haven't received all loan info... email AFTER receiving SBA loan ID number email?

    On 5/1 I received an email stating that I've received an SBA loan identification number.  On 5/2 and 5/3 I've received 3 emails stating that they haven't received all of my loan documents yet.  I logged into...
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  • Finally - Application Submitted to the Small Business Administration

    Submitted our application on 4/3 at 8:43 EST. Signed PN on 4/15. Learned on 4/22 that BofA never submitted our application even though were were in "batch 1."   NOW Just waiting now for the email about being a...
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