We encourage all of our members to associate a personal profile picture and avatar to their accounts. Please note that images associated with your account, including profile images and avatars, will be reviewed by our moderators prior to being visible to others in the community. To help speed approval of your image, please ensure it does not include any of the below.


  • Copyright Issues— Any images which do not belong to the member cannot be used. An example would be Mickey Mouse or a bottle of Coke.
  • Impersonation— Pretending to be a celebrity or famous person, such as Brad Pitt or President Obama. Or it can be the impersonation of staff, such as pretending to be a Bank of America staff member, or official of the Small Business Community.
  • Obscenity, Nudity or Vulgarity— Any image that is explicit, pornographic, or obscene. For instance, an unclad person or with their middle finger raised, 'giving the bird.'
  • Illegal or Violent Activity— Any image that gives the impression something illegal or violent/self-harm could be going on. For instance, a pot plant leaf or a person holding a gun pointed at their own head.
  • Hate Speech— Any picture that contains an image or language that could be offensive to other members.  For example, images that are disparaging based upon skin color, disability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation.


Please be aware that community moderators will have final say in approving or rejecting images uploaded to the community, and may reject images for other reasons than stated above.  Our goal is to have a positive community atmosphere which assists and encourages small business owners.  Thank you for your participation in the Small Business Community.

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