by SBOC Team


Welcome to the new Small Business Community! We’ve redesigned the community to make it even easier for you to find the expert answers, entrepreneurial discussions, and inspirational member stories that can help make your small business a success.

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First off, we reorganized the Home page and given it a cleaner, sleeker design, so that you can find the type of content you’re searching for more quickly. Thanks to our prominent search button and redesigned navigation bar, finding information on how to better run your small business, grow its sales, or manage your finances is even easier. Now, you can dive right into a topic with a single click from the home page. Once you’re inside a category, you’ll find a wide variety of ways to engage with the community’s content: read an expert article, start a forum thread, vote on a poll, or interact with other community members.



We’ve also added a new main category called “Connect With The Community.” It’s all about strengthening the bonds between members and helping them get the most out of the community, whether it’s to just swap tales of success or network for business relationships. Here, members can build search for topics of interest, introduce yourself and your business to others, and follow other members of the community who share similar pursuits. In addition, we've revamped our “Share Your Story” section, where members can write their own personal stories of entrepreneurship, using our story template as a guide.


To make the community experience more social and interactive, we’ve added new navigation tools.


The “Activity” button, for example, lets members easily find new content and customize it for relevance, based on their favorite small business topics or followed community members. The “Communications” function allows members to track their mentions in posts and forums, peruse shared content sent to them by other members, and get updates about upcoming community live events and webinars. And the “Browse” button lets members search by content type, whether it’s just forum discussions, expert articles, or stories that you’re looking for.

Connect.jpgFinally, we’ve made it easier to connect with Bank of America directly from the navigation menu. The “Contact Us” button, for instance, can take you directly to the bank’s customer service page. And for small business owners looking to learn more about the bank’s financial products and services, the new “Business Solutions” menu simplifies the process, putting the bank’s many small business offerings just one click away.


We hope you enjoy the new Bank of America Small Business Community. See you in the community!

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