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Hi all,   I'm posting to see if anyone else has had the same issue.   I uploaded our form 940 for 2019 (Loan Amount_Template_4) onto the Intralinks site as I see many of you have as well. The… (Show more)
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On May 1, we received a Promissory Note and Attestation via Intralinks, which we signed and re-uploaded right away. On May 2, we received the "You're one step away from receiving Paycheck Protection… (Show more)
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On May 1st I got an email saying Good news – You've been assigned a SBA loan identification number. However, today is May 7 and I haven’t got the email link to sign the promissory note. I emailed the… (Show more)
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Hi,  I've been approved for less than I applied for and accepted hastily. I want to return it before the safe harbor date of May 15, but have no idea how. I've called BofA, they say they will take… (Show more)
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Has anyone else received the PPP One Step Away email and after clicking the Sign Your Forms link (logging into business account) received the following message?   We are sorry, you do not have… (Show more)
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I've seen a few posts reporting that after signing promissory note on Friday 5/1 or Saturday 5/2, funds were deposited later the same day or even on Sunday 5/3.  I signed on Saturday 5/2 very early… (Show more)
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We were approved loan 20% larger than what we need. How do we get them to take the funds back.   Any advise will help.   Thanks,
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when login in into my BOA account is a message that PPP loan is almost ready...and instructions only... no links   also NO EMAILS...check SPAM, JUNK, nothing...someone experienced the same?  … (Show more)
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I received the attestation of the loan funding with the initial page showing the loan amount. The only problem is the loan amount only included the employee payroll and did not include the sole… (Show more)
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i got an email from BofA saying I need to sign in to my business account a sign the forms, but I cannot find the attestation or promissory form anywhere. I evem went on intralink and it’s not there.… (Show more)
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