• I got this email: Additional_Requirement_Needed

    I've added all of the documents requested, but I haven't heard anything back. How long will it take to get an update? Has anyone gotten the same email?
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  • Voluntary Service for old age folks

    In Weekend, want to help old age folks in my community Sherwsbury MA 0154.   Please let me know, whom I should contact for.
    sundara senthil
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  • I have Innovation for Core Banking System (?) How to get the right client?

    Dear All, I have a system - that can calculate Interest calculation on more than 6 million accounts on my local developer laptop (on normal hardware with less than 1 second ) I think currently the Core Banking SYstem...
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  • What home cooked food items you can sell and can you deliver it locally ?

    Under Texas cottage industry law , one can sell bakery products but I understand it can't be sold online or with the help of websites. I am assuming that only bakery items are allowed because it can last longer withou...
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  • Want Your Business to Get Noticed?

    If you read our community threads, you will often see people asking for help to market their businesses.  Well today is a very lucky day for us!  Steve Strauss has written a wonderful artitlce: 10 time-teste...
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  • hi

    HI , I am Neha , living in RI US as H4 visa holder , its been 4 months i am @ home and i desperately wanted to do something like small business , online and earn at least minimum amount on my own. Can anybody help me ...
    god bless all
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  • Starting a Colonic Irrigation Business

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum.   I recently went on a visit to Australia and discovered a natural therapy treatment that is pretty big in Melbourne at the moment called Colonic Irrigation. I have read a bit ...
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  • JULY 4TH.